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Common delayed symptoms that can show up after an auto accident

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Car Accidents

Auto accidents in Missouri often produce injuries that do not manifest until well after the fact. While serious collisions do produce serious injuries, such injuries can also be the result of seemingly minor accidents. These injuries usually fall into one of several categories that are typical in “minor” accidents. Injury claims can be denied based on late reports to a medical facility, which is why it is vital to seek medical evaluation as soon as possible after an accident in Missouri.

Internal bleeding

Many accident injuries that are not obvious externally will produce internal bleeding situations. The issue with not reporting these injuries is that internal bleeding that is not causing pain can continue until it is life-threatening. This is not a common personal injury scenario, but it can be the most serious of delayed response injuries.


The most common delayed report injury is whiplash. This accident injury occurs when the head is thrown violently in any direction as the body responds to the impact of another vehicle or a quick braking situation. The seriousness and body effect of the injury depends on velocity and direction of contact, and it can extend to both the lower and upper regions from the neck area.

Back injury

All accidents can produce back injury, and many times they go unnoticed if it is a sprained muscle or cracked vertebrae. Both do not show symptoms until after the incident, and it is important to seek attention quickly for an effective treatment.

These are the primary types of delayed reaction injuries that many Missouri residents experience following an auto accident. Always seek attention quickly. Both your claim and your life may depend on it.