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Kansas City seeks grant to reduce highway accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians face risks when crossing streets, and those who wander onto busy streets might take even greater risks. Even those who walk on the sidewalk near a busy highway or cross at an intersection legally take a chance because drivers make mistakes. In Kansas City, Missouri, those running the city intend to seek a federal grant to learn how to make things safer for pedestrians and commuters.

A grant to study safety in Kansas City

Safety remains a concern for those traveling by the Prospect Avenue corridor and U.S. Highway 71. The mayor’s office even admitted that the intersections pose dangers to commuters and pedestrians. Fatalities in these areas have been a problem for several years. A recent request for federal grant money could support studies that might uncover ways to make the region safer.

Grant funding in the range of $5 million could also support upgrades and changes to enhance safety. For example, the funds might pay for removing traffic lights in dangerous areas while also paying for the construction of overpasses. Unfortunately, no amount of money can change the behaviors of certain reckless drivers.

Highway dangers and reckless drivers

A pedestrian may follow a green light’s indication it is legal to cross an intersection. However, an impatient driver could speed up to go through the recently changed green-to-red light. An otherwise avoidable pedestrian accident might happen, costing someone their life.

Tragically, many pedestrian accidents result from careless drivers who don’t follow the law. Distracted and intoxicated drivers may present tremendous risks to people’s safety. Negligent drivers who cause accidents might face a lawsuit for their behavior.

Accidents may focus on injuries or property or wrongful death. Civil lawsuits and insurance claims might provide a path to compensation.