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Not wearing helmets create risks for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists often appreciate the freedom and maneuverability their powerful high-CC bikes deliver. Some motorcyclists want the freedom to extend to helmet laws, but there could be a price. In Missouri, motorcyclists who fail to wear helmets could be at greater risk of fatal accidents. The state of Michigan repealed its helmet laws, and fatalities increased. Missouri altered its mandatory helmet laws, and the results appear tragic.

Motorcycle crashes and helmet laws

In August 2020, Missouri motorcycle helmet rules changed. Under the new law, motorcyclists aged 26 and up need not wear helmets, provided they carry a valid health insurance policy. A review of 2021 figures reveals a 33% increase in motorcycle fatalities, with a noticeable number of non-helmet-wearing driver deaths.

2020 was an overall deadly year for traffic-related deaths, a shocking result considering fewer drivers took to the roads. Perhaps fewer drivers led some to take more chances, such as speeding. Unfortunately, risky driving is dangerous under any circumstances.

Motorcycles, accidents, and negligence

Motorcyclists may suffer greatly in a crash because motorcycles lack the protections a car provides. A vehicle could hit the bike, leading it to skid, causing severe road burns or worse. When a car or truck hits a motorcycle, the motorcyclist could fall off the bike and suffer a broken neck or spine. And then there are incidents where the motorcyclists are at fault for motorcycle accidents.

Motorcyclists often appreciate the added speed and mobility a motorcycle provides. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists violate traffic laws by weaving in and out of lanes or sharing lanes with other drivers. Some might ride on the shoulder to further plans to get around traffic. All these behaviors come with risks and open doors to potential collisions and personal injury lawsuits.