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Truck loading problems may lead to accidents

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks carry an enormous amount of goods and remain vital supporters of supply chains. However, not every tractor-trailer gets to its Missouri destination without problems. News reports reveal numerous large trucks become involved in accidents, but not always due to moving violations. Sometimes, poor loading decisions lead to catastrophes.

Loading problems and resulting accidents

Truck accidents may happen because drivers drive above the speed limit or otherwise violate traffic laws. Such accidents may receive significant publicity, but mishaps resulting from overloaded cargo could receive less attention. Regardless, any accident that causes injuries or property damage is serious.

An overloaded truck might create difficulties for the driver. The added weight could make it harder to navigate hills when traveling. Poorly secured loads present possible troubles as well. If cargo moves around inside the trailer, operational problems may result.

Negligence and truck collisions

As with other negligent motor vehicle accidents, victims of truck collisions could file a lawsuit against the liable party. When a trucking company does not correctly balance the truck’s cargo, any resulting accidents may lead to a civil lawsuit. An investigation might uncover poor training or supervision led to the problem. Sometimes, the liable party could know something is wrong but ignores the issue to expedite the delivery.

Open-bed trucks come with added dangers. Cargo that comes loose could fly off and hit a vehicle or pedestrian, leading to fatalities.

Multiple acts of negligence might make an accident more egregious. The truck driver may know a load isn’t balanced correctly but speeds anyway, potentially increasing the dangers. Such negligence might be too much for a jury to ignore, although the defendants could choose to settle the claim in advance.