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Watch out for pedestrians on the highway

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2022 | Pedestrian Accidents

Many pedestrians find themselves walking on or near a Missouri highway, and drivers aren’t always the best at avoiding them. While there is a certain amount of responsibility that is put on the pedestrian when they have been injured while walking on an interstate highway, they may still be entitled to compensation.

High speeds and heavy vehicles

When you consider how fast the vehicles on the highway are moving, it’s not surprising how difficult it is to avoid a pedestrian on the road – and that’s only assuming the person behind the wheel is obeying the posted speed limit. Drivers can only react as quickly as their reflexes allow, and then physics presents its own challenges in bringing the vehicle to a stop or otherwise avoiding the pedestrian on the interstate.

The number one reason why you would see a person traveling on foot on the highway is simply to get to the other side. These are people who are trying to cross the road and don’t want to go to the nearest legal crossing point, or it may be an area where there are no crosswalks within walking distance. Other times, the existing crossing point has become inaccessible because of damages or poor maintenance.

A double hitter

Ironically, pedestrians are also commonly hit when someone has just been in an accident with another vehicle. A pedestrian accident may happen while the two parties are getting each other’s insurance information while standing on or near the roadway. They might also be checking out the wreck or waiting for help to arrive.

When you’ve been struck by a vehicle, the first thing to do is always seek medical treatment right away. Handling the legal repercussions of what you’ve been through while you’re still dealing with these injuries is often a challenge, but it may be the best way to seek compensation.