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Employ extra care when near a large truck

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Anyone regularly commuting in and around the Kansas City metropolitan area will likely be in the proximity of a tractor-trailer. Following established steps for safely sharing the road with a large truck may reduce the chances of a collision.

Additional care when near a tractor-trailer

Even when a tractor-trailer driver follows all proper steps for the safe operation of a commercial vehicle, mistakes happen. The driver could err due to misjudging the blind spots common with such vehicles. Anyone approaching a tractor-trailer should be aware of the larger blind spots and may wish to try to steer clear of them. When inside a blind spot, it might be best to exit as quickly and safely as possible.

Furthermore, it may be advisable not to follow a tractor-trailer too closely. Again, the blind spot may create problems that could worsen if the semi-truck comes to an unexpected stop. Crashing into the back of a tractor-trailer could lead to significant vehicle damage and may even cause fatal injuries.

Moving violations and dangers

Kentucky drivers who deliberately tailgate a tractor-trailer put themselves at risk. Granted, drivers may become themselves become victims of a tailgating tractor-trailer driver. Moving out of the way of the encroaching vehicle could be best.

Cutting off a tractor-trailer might lead to a big rig accident since the vehicle may not be able to stop in time in some situations. Remember, tractor-trailers require a greater stopping distance due to their weight. A big rig traveling at about 65 miles an hour may need hundreds of feet to come to a complete stop.

After the accident, it may become evident that someone was negligent. A truck driver or its employer could be derelict, and in some instances, both might share responsibility for an accident. Either way, victims of negligence may file a civil lawsuit to recover their losses.