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Accidents and why they could happen

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Car Accidents

As you are traveling through Kansas, you could be one of the safest drivers you know and still be involved in a car accident. From speeding to weather, there are several common reasons why accidents can occur.


A common cause of many car accidents is distracted driving. This could be in the form of being on your phone, trying to eat while you’re driving, or talking to other people in the car. If your eyes stray away from the road for even a few seconds, it can lead to missing another vehicle that’s stopped in front of you, a light that suddenly changes, or any other action that could then lead to an accident.

Driving under the influence

Whether it’s you or someone else driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this decision could lead to significant consequences. Many substances can decrease your reaction time, which can make it difficult to slow down before hitting another car or object. It can be difficult to make proper movements on the road as well, such as staying in your own lane or maintaining a safe speed, leading to injuries for you or other people who are involved in an accident.


Numerous weather conditions can result in accidents. When the sun is shining, it could be blinding for some drivers who might not be able to clearly see out the windshield. Rain can make roads slippery and can lead to pools of water that can be hazardous to drive through while snow and ice can be treacherous due to making the roads slick.

Even in the best driving conditions, car accidents can occur at any time with numerous underlying causes that are involved.