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Driving in the rain and snow can both be hazardous

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Car Accidents

Whether driving in the rain or the snow in the Kansas City metropolitan area, motorists should proceed with care. Inclement weather conditions may undermine the ability to drive safely. Those who do not make adjustments for hazardous road conditions could end up causing an accident. Differences exist between snowy and rainy conditions, and some experts believe the rain is worse.

Snowy and rainy roads

One significant difference between rain and snow is many drivers won’t travel when snow falls, but they don’t worry much about rain. Generally, familiarity with rainy weather could make them less cautious, and they may travel when staying home seems wiser.

Rain tends to fall much longer than snow. Also, local governments usually take steps to clear the roads when snow falls. With rain, the roads remain slick until they dry. Long durations of rain and consecutive rainy days might result in puddles and long stretches of slick roads.

Not everyone realizes that rain can make roads slippery. Oil from cars on the road’s surface may mix with rain and create a hazard. Conversely, many understand that snow and ice undermine traction. Rain might do so as well if the temperature drops and the rain turns to ice.

Unsafe driving

Even what constitutes safe driving under normal conditions could be dangerous when traveling in rain or snow. Those who do not slow down might be negligent in any resulting car accidents. Drivers who speed recklessly might face credible liability claims for any collisions they cause. The same might be true when the driver commits other moving violations.

Gross negligence, such as wrongful deaths caused by intoxicated driving, could lead to substantial compensation claims in court. Even seemingly minor negligence, including the failure to replace worn windshield wipers, may support a liability claim. Ultimately, drivers whose behavior causes harm might face legal consequences.