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Answers to commonly asked questions about rollover accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Car Accidents

You can define rollover accidents in Kansas and Missouri as anytime a car flips on its side or roof following an accident. While these accidents comprise only about 3% of all vehicle accidents, about 35% of all fatalities happen during them.

Most likely in vehicles with a high center of gravity

While every type of vehicle can be involved in a rollover accident, those with a higher center of gravity are most likely to roll over. The most likely vehicles affected are SUVs, followed by pickup trucks. In addition to having a higher center of gravity, these vehicles have less distance between their right and left tires. They are more often driven on rural roads.

What causes rollover accidents

While rollover accidents can occur for numerous reasons, the most common cause is driver error. They are most likely to happen when the driver gets drowsy and tries to keep driving.

How many vehicles are involved in rollover accidents?

While it is possible for a vehicle to hit another vehicle before rolling over, 85% of all rollover accidents involve a single vehicle. Furthermore, while some drivers may like to blame road conditions, almost 90% of single-vehicle rollover accidents occur on straight stretches of road.

Where do most rollover accidents occur

While it is possible to have a rollover accident occur anywhere, including in Kansas City neighborhoods, most occur in rural areas, where the posted speed limit is over 55 miles per hour. These accidents account for almost 75% of all rollover fatalities.

Rollover accidents occur when a vehicle flips on its side or roof, most likely caused by sleepy drivers traveling in rural areas in a vehicle with a high center of gravity.