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Is it wise to lay your bike down?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

You sometimes hear motorcyclists talk about “laying the bike down.” In this context, they essentially mean that they were actively riding when they had to tip the bike on its side. This action causes an intentional crash. This approach is often taken in an effort to avoid a situation that the rider perceives as more dangerous than crashing intentionally in this way.

Is this actually a useful tactic? Reports do point out that it is not taught in motorcycle safety classes. There are many who believe that it actually does not benefit a motorcyclist to lay their bike down in almost any situation.

Tires are designed to grip the road

Someone who lays the bike down is probably trying to slow down quickly. They hope to either avoid a collision or ensure that it happens at a much slower rate of speed. But tires, which are made from rubber, are designed to slow a bike down as fast as possible. Laying a motorcycle on its side only causes it to slide on plastic or metal, so it’s actually going to retain more speed if you lay it down than if you simply stay on the bike and hit the brakes.

You still have control

Additionally, staying upright means you have some level of control. You may still get in a crash, but you can direct the bike and try to steer around the worst obstacles. Once you lay it down, you’re simply sliding until it collides with a stationary object or the bike flies off an elevation.

Laying it down can cause injuries

Laying the bike down could cause significant road rash, broken bones, a traumatic head injury, cuts and lacerations and many other injuries. This is especially true for those who don’t ride with leathers, which help the rider slide on pavement. Laying the bike down could simply cause injuries when staying on it could’ve helped you avoid a crash.

Seeking financial compensation

Motorcycle accidents happen in many different ways. They can result in severe and even life-changing injuries. Those who have been hurt should seek legal guidance to better ensure that they can make informed decisions about their rights and options.