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When are drunk driving crashes most likely to occur?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2023 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving collisions are tragic in part because they are entirely preventable. If motorists would stay off the road after drinking, people wouldn’t have to worry about those with impaired abilities causing wrecks. Every driver has encountered educational information about impaired driving while taking classes to get their license, and there are many public awareness campaigns that aim to remind people of the risks of drinking and driving.

Sadly, drunk driving crashes remain a consistent issue and are among the top reasons that fatal collisions occur every year. The best way for an individual to minimize their personal risk of a drunk driving crash is to avoid driving after drinking themselves. However, it also helps to avoid others who are under the influence whenever possible. Those who know when drunk driving crashes are more likely to occur can make better choices about when they head out on the road.

Late at night

Statistically, a significant percentage of drunk driving crashes occur after nightfall in the late evening or early morning hours. Although there are people drunk at the wheel on the road at all times of the day, people tend to consume more later in the evening as they prepare for the end of the day and after they have finished their work responsibilities. Those headed home after consuming too much could very easily cause crashes that have major consequences for others.

Around major holidays

Seasonal drunk driving risk fluctuates just like daily risk levels change at different times. The major holidays almost all see a notable increase in drunk driving collisions. Some holidays, like the Fourth of July, see a bigger increase than others. Between people’s self-medicating to handle family get-togethers and traditions involving alcohol, there are simply more impaired drivers on the road on major federal holidays or the weekends closest to those holidays.

Drivers who cultivate an awareness of when certain risks are highest may have an easier time avoiding certain types of collisions. Understanding that more drunk driving crashes occur late at night and around major holidays can help people avoid experiencing one themselves.