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Semitrucks have longer stopping distances

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Truck Accidents

One important thing to remember about semis is that they have much longer stopping distances than other vehicles. It is generally assumed that a car will take roughly 300 feet to stop under typical conditions. This can certainly be extended if road conditions are poor, if the driver is distracted or impaired or for other such reasons.

However, a semitruck is naturally going to have a stopping distance that is roughly twice as long as that of a passenger car. It can take more than 500 feet. Once again, stopping distances can be extended if the driver reacts slowly, if the brakes are not in perfect condition, if the road surface is wet or slick, and the like. This could mean that it takes the truck around 600 feet to stop – two football fields set end-to-end.

Truck drivers need to be aware of this difference 

It’s very important for the drivers of those semis to be well aware of their longer stopping distances. Drivers need to be alert and begin breaking in plenty of time to keep those ahead of them safe. They must always practice cautious driving in a way that prioritizes safety over speed. 

It’s also important for other drivers to understand that a semi cannot stop as quickly as they can, even when the driver does all that they can to bring the truck to a halt. There are sometimes accidents when people pull in front of a semi right before reaching a stoplight. They think they have space to fit their car into the gap, but the reality is that the semi-truck needs that additional space to stop.

For these reasons and more, semitrucks get involved in car accidents on a daily basis. Those who have been injured in these accidents need to know if they can seek financial compensation.