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What is a wide-turn truck accident?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Wide-turn truck accidents pose a significant risk to drivers and pedestrians alike. These accidents typically occur when large trucks attempt to make a right turn, and the path they take is wider than anticipated.

This can result in collisions with vehicles traveling beside or attempting to pass the turning truck. The consequences of such accidents can be devastating; they can lead to injuries, fatalities and substantial property damage.

The anatomy of a wide-turn accident

One of the primary contributors to these accidents is the extensive blind spots inherent to large trucks. These blind spots make it challenging for truck drivers to detect vehicles approaching from the side. The sheer size of commercial trucks also affects their turning radius. As a result, when making a right turn, trucks may encroach into adjacent lanes, catching unaware motorists off guard.

Legal implications and responsibility

In the aftermath of a wide-turn accident, establishing fault becomes crucial for insurance claims and legal proceedings. Factors such as signaling, speed and the actions of other drivers play a role in determining responsibility.

Trucking companies may be held responsible for crashes caused by their drivers. However, the plaintiff must first prove negligence or improper training. Victims of these accidents may pursue personal injury claims to seek compensation for medical treatment expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering from whichever party is at fault.

Defensive driving techniques to avoid wide-turn accidents

One of the most effective ways for smaller vehicle drivers to avoid wide-turn accidents is by staying visible to truck drivers. Always position your vehicle where the truck driver can see you in their mirrors to minimize the risk of being overlooked during a turn.

As previously mentioned, trucks have larger blind spots, often referred to as “no-zones.” These areas include the sides and rear of the truck. Smaller vehicle drivers should also avoid lingering in these blind spots, especially during turns, to reduce the likelihood of a collision.

You may qualify for compensation if you’ve been involved in a wide-turn truck accident through no or little fault of your own. Consider working with a legal team who can help you build a strong case.