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Will employers pay a worker’s costs if they crash in a personal vehicle?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Car Accidents

Many different jobs may require that an employee drive occasionally. When driving is a primary component of someone’s job, their employer might provide them with a company vehicle or possibly even a specialized delivery vehicle. Other times, there is an expectation that employees should use their own vehicles to perform job responsibilities, such as getting to a client’s home. Occasionally, those driving while on the clock end up involved in car crashes.

Motor vehicle collisions are actually a leading cause of injury among employees. Workers may already understand that they are potentially eligible for workers’ compensation coverage when they get hurt performing their jobs. However, a car crash while working could also lead to major damage to someone’s vehicle. Does an employer typically need to help cover property damage costs after it crash that occurs in a personal vehicle while on the clock?

Companies should have insurance for that exact scenario

Workers’ compensation coverage is not the only type of insurance that employers need to provide workers at risk of injury while on the job. The organization may also need to provide supplemental insurance that applies when someone drives as part of their job. Companies can obtain coverage that can pay for damage to a non-owned auto, meaning the vehicles their employees own and use to complete their jobs.

Typically, the party at fault is the primary source of compensation after a collision. The other driver’s property damage coverage could help repair a vehicle. Of course, many people only have the least amount of insurance required by law, which might not be enough to repair or replace a damaged vehicle.

When the worker is not at fault for the crash, they can use the coverage of the driver at fault and then their own supplemental coverage before turning to the policy carried by their employer. If a company does not have applicable coverage, then it may be directly liable for the property damages losses of the employee.

Complicated work-related losses can be difficult for someone to navigate. People may worry about damaging the dynamic they have with their employers and also about suffering financial losses. Discussing the details of a recent motor vehicle collision with a skilled legal team can help someone determine what types of insurance coverage and compensation they may be able to pursue in the wake of a crash.