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Holding a drunk driver accountable for hurting others

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk drivers make poor decisions that then have devastating consequences for other people. Despite widespread awareness of laws against driving after drinking, some people still get behind the wheel when they are too drunk to drive. 

They cause some of the worst crashes that occur in the Kansas City area. Serious drunk driving crashes often occur on the weekends or around federal holidays, but drunk drivers can be on the road anytime and anywhere. There are ways for those affected by drunk driving crashes to hold the impaired driver accountable. 

Insurance claims can cover basic expenses

Some people mistakenly believe that insurance isn’t available after a drunk driving crash. People sometimes think that insurance policies don’t apply in scenarios where there has been obvious illegal activity. 

Thankfully, liability insurance is typically available after drunk driving wrecks, although it may not be nearly enough to cover someone’s losses. An insurance claim can help cover basic expenses and can help someone determine what other compensation they require. 

Lawsuits are also possible

Some people think that they cannot sue someone who has already pleaded guilty or been convicted of a drunk driving offense. However, civil litigation by the people affected is not the same thing as prosecution by the state. 

Those affected by drunk drivers can take legal action by filing wrongful death or personal injury lawsuits and civil court. Particularly in cases where crashes cause fatalities or permanent injuries, lawsuits may be the only reasonable means of holding a driver accountable for the full impact that the crash they caused has on other people. 

Discussing this situation that resulted from a drunk driving crash can help someone evaluate their options for compensation. Taking legal action is a reasonable response to a major collision if insurance can’t fully cover someone’s losses.