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Have you been in a crash caused by a bicyclist?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2024 | Bicycle Accidents

Responsible drivers take care when they’re sharing the road with bicyclists. They know that any collision, no matter how minor for them, could be catastrophic for a cyclist.

Unfortunately, not all bicyclists are as safety conscious as they should be. This is sometimes especially true during the summer months when cycling groups and just friends riding together are out in force.

What causes cyclists to be unsafe?

Being around others on bikes can be distracting for cyclists. It can also give some cyclists a greater sense of entitlement to the road. This is more likely to be the case in residential neighborhoods and other areas that are particularly “bike friendly.”

Too often, bicyclists aren’t conscientious about staying in the bike lane, about signaling if they need to turn or about taking precautions to make sure that they’re visible at night. They can cause a vehicle to make an unsafe move to avoid hitting them that causes a collision in which they’re not even directly involved.

A cyclist can cause a crash

When surprised by a sudden move by a bicyclist, a driver may swerve into the next lane and hit another vehicle. They may hit a guardrail, lamppost or some other fixed object. People in one or more vehicles can be seriously or even fatally injured as a result of a cyclist’s conduct.

People sometimes assume that if a bicyclist has caused a crash, their insurance won’t cover their losses. However, bicycle crashes may be covered by an umbrella or other personal injury policy. Ultimately, with experienced legal guidance, you can better determine how to get compensation for your expenses and other damages, if you have suffered harm caused by a reckless or negligent cyclist.