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How can age impact the likelihood of getting into a crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Car Accidents

Many negative influences tend to intersect when a motor vehicle crash occurs. While people tend to focus on potential causes like distractions or impairment, most likely don’t think about a driver’s age as a contributing factor.

There are two age demographics that are forced to grapple with some specific risk factors that can contribute to a higher likelihood of being involved in wrecks – teen drivers and elderly drivers. These risk factors highlight the need of drivers in these age groups to remain vigilant as they drive so they don’t injure innocent individuals or themselves.

Challenges younger drivers face

Drivers who are 16 to 19 years old account for 3.6% of licensed drivers in this country, but they’re the driver in 6.1% of fatal wrecks. Because these are newly licensed drivers, they don’t have the experience that more seasoned drivers have. This means they may not have appropriate responses to situations on the road.

They may also become distracted by other vehicle occupants, which can contribute to crashes. Kansas uses a graduated licensing system to help combat the risk factors that come with teen drivers. For example, there aren’t any restrictions on passengers for those with a learning permit because they have a licensed driver in the vehicle. Once they have a full driver’s license, there are specific passenger restrictions, such as not having younger people who aren’t their siblings in the vehicle.

Problems older drivers may encounter

Older drivers may start to suffer from cognitive and health issues that lead to delayed reaction times. These drivers may have been very safe when they were a little younger, but changes in eyesight can lead to safety challenges. Sometimes, loss of strength that comes with age might make it more difficult to continue driving.

Victims of crashes may need considerable medical care, which can be costly, especially when there are catastrophic injuries at issue. A personal injury claim can potentially help them get those costs covered by a negligent driver. Because these cases can be complex, having assistance with each step is beneficial for victims who need to use their energy to heal from their injuries, not manage legal concerns.