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Conflict Resolution: The Benefits of engaging a Third Party

In any long term relationship, conflicts between individuals are almost certain to arise.  Most relationships go through a “honeymoon period,” where potential conflicts are easily resolved, or perhaps ignored or suppressed.  However, as relationships become more complex – as in the case of a business partnership – the resolution of conflicts may also become more complex, requiring the assistance of an experienced mediator.

In an ideal world, the best way to resolve a conflict is to identify the scope and nature of the disagreement early on and come to a resolution before any real damage occurs to the relationship. This pre-emptive work can potentially prevent situations in which the two parties’ differences become irreconcilable. Just like in a relationship between couples, a business partnership has the same critical need of communication, with clear expectations agreed upon between partners. An outside mediator can oftentimes be of assistance in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a partnership, identifying areas of potential challenge, and assisting each party so that all involved see that their needs are being met.

If conflict has already occurred, outside mediators can also act as an objective liaison, working with both sides to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Typically, a successful conflict resolution process includes both parties making some amount of accommodation to find a middle ground. This lessening of demands on both sides is called conciliation. If conciliation is not achieved, and one party chooses to use its strength against the other party to gain a “win,” there may be further discord between the parties.

Kansas City’s Protzman Law Firm is dedicated to the difficult but rewarding work of conflict resolution. When disputes arise that cannot be resolved internally, our clients turn to us. Where possible, we work with our clients to develop employment, partnership and operating agreements to prevent conflicts from arising. When a client approaches us after a conflict has begun, we work toward amicable dispute resolution between the parties.  Our experience at working with a wide variety of business partnerships has made Protzman Law Firm the “go to” firm for conflict resolution and mediation.  Call us at 816.421.5100 or contact us here to begin the conversation.

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