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Investing in your Personal Injury case

Our most recent blog post focused on how Protzman Law Firm invests in our clients by providing top-quality representation, excellence in service and other founding principles.  You can read that post by clicking here. Have you ever wondered how you, as a client, can invest in your own personal injury case by selecting and working in partnership with an experienced attorney?

1.      Find the right attorney/firm for you: Once you have researched law firms that have the experience needed for your particular case, select one that best suits your needs. Some questions to ask yourself:

–          Can the firm provide references?

–          Does the attorney give you open, honest answers?

–          Does the attorney/firm have good experience handling this type of case, and a good track record in winning personal injury cases?

–          Are you and your prospective attorney able to listen and communicate well with each other?

Take the time to meet with prospective law firms in person to address these questions and establish a good rapport before proceeding with the case.

2.      Ask questions: Attorneys are here to help guide clients through the legal process. Your lawyer’s primary goal should be to provide the expertise and guidance needed to attain best case results. A good attorney is willing to take the time to explain the work involved and keep clients informed about actions taken as the case progresses.

3.      Be honest and open: To get the best results in a personal injury case, always be honest with your attorney. This will help build the strongest case possible. Remember, withholding information may result in problems further down the road. As stated in point #1 above, your initial research is critical. If you do not feel comfortable with an attorney or his or her ability to keep your information confidential, keep searching for one who best meets your needs.

4.      Provide documentation: If you are involved in a personal injury case, documentation is key to helping your attorney build a stronger case. Be sure to provide your attorney with all insurance company correspondence, medical bills and records, police reports, and any other information that may be relevant to the case.

If you are ready to begin investing in your own personal injury case, contact Protzman Law at 816.421.5100 or here to begin the conversation.  We have years of personal injury experience and employ the latest in technology to provide aggressive legal representation and creative solutions for all. Whether you are seeking representation for one of your clients or for yourself, we look forward to visiting with you.

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