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What To Do When Involved In A Winter Weather Accident

What to do when involved in a winter weather accident

If you’ve spent more than a winter or two in Kansas or Missouri, then you well know that anything is game when it comes to weather.  One day you might be golfing, the next day scraping ice off your windshield.  This week’s ice events in Kansas City serve as a good reminder that black ice, rapidly changing road conditions and weather-related hazards abound.  All of which make operating a motor vehicle a (sometimes) hazardous proposition, which can unfortunately lead to accidents.

What to do when involved (and injured) in an accident

  • Call 911.  Seek medical attention.
  • Take photos of your vehicle and injuries and make detailed notes.  Include name/contacts of witnesses, if possible.
  • Keep records, receipts, names and addresses of all providers:  doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc.
  • Save any correspondence between you and medical providers and insurance companies (auto and medical).

Given the weather, do the same rules apply as to who is at fault?

Typically, YES.  Even though it may seem like the snow or ice was at fault, driver error is still usually to blame.  For example, was the driver following the car in front too closely given the conditions?  Some recommend keeping 3-4 car lengths distance between cars in hazardous weather conditions.  Same applies to speed, which if often a factor in winter weather accidents.  Speed should be adjusted (slowed down) to account for increased stopping times and distances.

Another driver error which is pervasive and problematic, regardless of snow:  use of cell phones.  It goes without saying that this shouldn’t be happening and puts everyone on the road at risk, especially during winter weather.

Consulting with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney is likely in order.  You can get answers to pertinent questions and ultimately determine whether there’s more at play than nasty weather.  At Protzman Law Firm, you will receive the most aggressive, technologically sound representation that is contingency-based.  We are here to represent you, and we will work hard to obtain the maximum possible settlement.

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