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Commercial Litigation

Whether basic breach of contract, international commercial fraud, securities fraud, or class action, Protzman Law Firm has a breadth of diverse experience in litigating and trying business disputes.

Investor-Related Fraud

Securities fraud is a deceptive practice in the stock or commodities markets that induces investors to make purchase or sale decisions on the basis of false information.  This violation of securities laws often results in losses.  Securities fraud is also known as stock fraud and/or investment fraud and can include direct theft from investors, insider trading and other illegal acts.

Partnership Issues

Protzman Law Firm has experience with both general partnerships and limited partnerships. When businesses struggle, or partners have different ideas about where the business should be headed, disputes can arise that the partners cannot resolve on their own. We have a history of helping partners resolve their disputes amicably, and are experienced and equipped to litigate when the disputes prove too difficult to be resolved.

Many times these disputes can be resolved before they ever arise by the employment of effective partnership, employment and operating agreements. Please feel free to engage us on the front end of the formation of your new business, and we might just be able to prevent the disputes that can pop up down the road.


Breach of Contract

Simply put, if you’re in a contract dispute because you think the other party isn’t living up to their side of the deal, we can help you resolve the problem.  Actions must be taken to cure the problem or end the contract and compensate for the damage.

Flexible Fee Agreements

Protzman Law Firm believes in offering flexible fee agreements.  We often work with a split fee arrangement or a reduced contingency negotiation.  We pride ourselves on offering sophisticated legal representation under flexible contingency and blended fee agreements.


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