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Product Liability: Dangerous Products In The Marketplace

When purchasing products in the United States, we have come to expect that safety standards are in place and that the products we buy will be reasonably safe and contain adequate warnings about their inherent dangers. However, the products we buy do not always meet expectations. Dangerous products are everywhere. It could be a defective tool you use at work, a tainted food you eat at home or anything else.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to a dangerous product, talk with an experienced product liability lawyer who can help you obtain compensation for your losses. At Protzman Law Firm, our attorneys serve clients throughout the Kansas City metro who have been injured by negligent product designers, manufacturers and retailers. We have the knowledge and experience to find the source of liability and to get you the maximum compensation award to which you are entitled.

How Liability Is Established

One of the biggest challenges in product liability claims is determining who is liable. The basic tort law principle is simple: A negligent party has to compensate victims for the losses and damages that his or her negligence caused.

In the case of product liability, the negligent party is one of the following three possibilities:

  • The product designer: Sometimes the engineers or product designers make mistakes and introduce dangerous features into otherwise safe products.
  • The product manufacturers: In some cases, our attorneys can look to the firms that mass-produce the products that caused accidents and injuries. It is not uncommon for someone to change a component from the original design, in order to save money. Also, sloppy mistakes in the manufacturing process can render a product unsafe.
  • The party who sold the product: There is a requirement for anyone selling a dangerous product to give clear warnings and instructions about the product’s dangers. When they don’t, it is called failure to warn, and negligent parties could be held liable for injuries that result.

Our team of product liability attorneys can research your case and determine whether you have a viable case and who that case would be against. Determining the liable party is a critical step in the product liability process.

How To Contact Our Lawyers

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