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Protzman Law Firm supports the proposed Public Safety Sales Tax- here’s why

Protzman Law Firm is pleased to support the proposed Johnson County Public Safety sales tax that will pay for the construction of a new courthouse and coroner’s facility.

Important points:

  • The two new facilities would be funded with a 1/4 cent, 10-year public safety sales tax
  • The current courthouse was completed in 1952 when Johnson County had a population of less than 63,000. The county’s current population is 580,000.
  • The cost to renovate the current courthouse is more expensive than building a new, state-of-the-art courthouse ($182 million versus $216 million)
  • Ongoing problems with existing county courthouse include:
    • Safety and Security at the Courthouse – movement of jail inmates in public areas
    • Aging infrastructure – many structural problems requiring major investment
    • Lack of accessibility and ADA compliance
    • Inability to add latest technology
    • Crowded courtrooms – would add many new courtrooms
    • Expensive to operate due to age & inefficiencies – $155 million more to operate over 20 years than a new building
    • Provision for future expansion
  • Johnson County currently leases space for the Coroner in Wyandotte County. This facility does not meet the capacity needs for autopsies or toxicology work associated with epidemics and crime.

The Johnson County Public Safety sales tax question will be at the bottom of ballot on the November 8th General Election.   Please support this very important issue.

For more information:

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Twitter: @YesJoCoSafety

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