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Welcome to Protzman Law Firm’s blog

law-books-justiceHello!  Welcome to our blog.  Here, you’ll find information on Kansas City’s Protzman Law Firm.  We’ll write about issues that our clients care about; offering advice and tips along the way.

We’ll share case studies with you and highlight cases we’ve won on behalf of our clients.  We’ll point out any changes in the law or tax code that may affect you as a business owner.  You’ll get to know our staff and what motivates us to serve you each and every day.  Here is what drives us:  the unwavering belief that high-level legal representation should be available to everyone, including those who do not have the means to pay hundreds of dollars per hour.  To that end, our law firm was founded by Andy Protzman and offers sophisticated legal representation under flexible contingency and blended fee agreements.

No matter what brings you to us- our expertise in commercial litigation, investor-related fraud, partnership issues, breach of contract or personal injury can’t be beat.  We look forward to serving you and achieving a positive outcome.

Contact us today at  816.421.5100 or feel free to email:



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