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We Manage Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

From car accidents to falls, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) affect not just the body but the very essence of who we are. The invisible scars of a TBI can linger long after the initial trauma, causing physical, cognitive and emotional challenges that reshape the contours of daily life.

Protzman Law Firm excels in handling complex personal injury cases throughout the Kansas City area from our office in Leawood. With over 30 years of combined experience, our team believes no case is too challenging. Our compassionate attorneys address diverse legal matters for individuals and businesses across Kansas and Missouri.

Causes And Symptoms Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries often result from accidents, falls or direct blows to the head. Motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries and sports-related incidents are common scenarios leading to TBI.

If you have suffered a TBI in such an incident, symptoms can vary widely, ranging from mild to severe. In mild cases, individuals may experience headaches, dizziness and temporary confusion. Moderate to severe cases can lead to persistent headaches, memory loss, mood swings and even changes in speech and sensory perception.

What Are The Treatments For TBIs?

The treatment for TBI depends on the severity of the injury. Immediate medical attention is paramount, and interventions may include surgery, medication and rehabilitation. Long-term care plans are often necessary to address cognitive and physical challenges that may persist.

Seeking Compensation After An Injury

You deserve compensation for the lost wages, the mounting medical bills, and the ongoing care that a brain injury can require, but insurance companies generally will not give you a fair settlement right away. Our founding attorney, Andy Protzman, formerly worked in insurance defense, so he can anticipate the tactics that insurance companies will use to limit the amount of compensation they provide.

We will handle all the tricky insurance claims and legal proceedings to ensure you receive fair compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, both present and future
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Rehabilitation and therapy costs
  • Pain and suffering

Our experienced personal injury attorneys can fight tirelessly to secure the resources you need to rebuild your life.

Contact A Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney

Do not face the challenges of TBI alone. Contact Protzman Law Firm at 844-437-8381 or fill out our contact form to connect with our reputable attorneys. Based in Leawood, we assist the Kansas City metro area on both the Kansas and Missouri sides.